Become A Founding Member With Canund Nation For The Constitution & Freedoms, Charter Of Rights,

Become A Founding Member With Canund Nation For The Constitution & Freedoms, Charter Of Rights,

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Become a founding Member

When you sign the constitution, this makes you a founding member. You don’t need to go up north if you are a founding member. When you want to go north you need to apply separately with a different application.

Benefits of being a founding member:

If you change your mind down the road in a year or so and want to join us up north. If there are 100,000 applications ahead of you, put in the comment section that you are a founding member and you get bumped to the top of the line.

Canund Nation For The Constitution & Freedoms, Charter Of Rights,

The First People

We the Peoples of the Canund Nation Of the First People declare we are a Sovereign Nation.

We declare that no citizen of the Canund Nation shall from this point on ever have to pay taxes or tribute to a foreign imperial government.

Constitution, Charter of rights and freedoms

Citizens' Rights and Freedoms.

All citizens have the right to freedom, liberty, and self-determination.

No one can become a citizen unless they were born in Canadian borders or if they have treaty status.

No foreigner shall ever be allowed to have citizenship without the exemption. They may come and work if they have permits to do so. Their children born here may become citizens of the Canund Nation.

No citizen has any rights over another and should not be discriminated against based on race or culture.

All citizens have equal rights to jobs, careers, and education.

No facility or organization shall have the right to exclude anyone or include any one based on race or culture.


We are never to pay land taxes, sales taxes, or any other form of taxes that can be made up for Citizens of the Canund Nation. However, there is a 10% Contribution Fee required and necessary to finance road construction and repairs, medical needs, for the upkeep of schools, and other community structures. Businesses or Citizens shall pay the same fixed Contribution Fee within the borders of the Nation.

Non-citizens are welcome within the borders but must pay a 25% fixed Contribution fees of income made within the Nation.

Land Rights

All land is deeded land. No one can take deeded land from its owner for not paying income taxes or loans.

Definition of deeded land is as follows: a lot in town or city or under 4 quarters of land 640 acres. As long as the land is not abandoned and is always being used no one or governing body can take that land from you or your children and their children extra.

No house under 5,000 square feet can be taxed in a city or town with the exception of 500 square feet at the governing body discretion.

Farm land or any land under 640 acres of land is exempt from tax provided 50% to 80% of the land is being used or farmed. This can be for crops or livestock only. If someone chooses to run any other type of business on the land it can be taxed by the square foot. For example: Slaughter houses, butcher shops, honey mixers, etc. This includes storing anything for such businesses on that property. The taxes for this should start at $0.10 an acre, and should not succeed $1.00 per acre for the portion or parcel of land used for storage.

No one can hold a steward ship title unless they are a citizen or cooperation of Canund Nation

Condos can be owned by non-citizens providing that the immigrant lives in them at least 6 months out of the year.

No other property type can be owned by non-citizens of the Canund Nation.

All communities must buy real estate back from the person and to fill by rent or sale to new family or person. If that person is leaving a community or moving to a new one. Tokens can be held till the place has been sold again if the community does not have funds to offer. If someone is kicked out of community for breaking laws then their property goes back to community and they do not have to pay the person or family out if they choose not to.

Abandon land is someone who has left farm land un attended for about one season and cannot farm it anymore.

Parents Rights and Freedoms

No child can be taken from mom or dad or same sex partners except in cases of the following. If the child is exposed to physical abuse not counting more than 3 spanks. Child molestation, child abuse this means physically or mentally abused. Only an officer of the law can make the decision to remove a child if the parents are being arrested and charged with the abuse of their children.

Any child that is taken must be put in the care of a family member that is stable enough to take care of said child or children.

Definition of stable is as follows: The family member must not be one given to drunkenness or intoxication, or a habitual user of narcotics, prescription drugs or illegal drugs, nor would they have a record of fiscal abuse to any child under the age of 18.

Parents have the right to have a hearing within 30 days of their child or kids being in care. If this does not happen any individual from and including the court workers, to Child Protective Services, to the parents can be fined as much as and up to $1000 a day.

Child Protective Services (CPS) workers have no rights to remove a child from a home.

Children’s Rights & Freedoms

All children have the right to free education from Elementary School to university.

Kids must attend school until they are the legal age of 16.

No child shall have the right to sex until the age of 16 and up.

All children have the right to education that can be determined by their parents and the school board working together.

Apprenticeship from 12 years and up is counted as education. This is considered as an opportunity for the child to learn great work ethics.

No child may be forced to work under the age of 16.

At the age of 12 a child has the right to apply for assistance, if abused, to help with basic needs so they may go to school to get an education. This means they can live on their own. If they cannot manage their money the Worker can pay the rent and all the bills for the child, while giving the child in question a food allowance.

A child is not considered a citizen till after they turn 18 and have signed a copy of the Constitution

Governing Structure

The Grand Council holds hereditary positions to help safeguard the People and watch over the elected councils.

Grand Council can have one Grand Dene Clan Mother, one Chief and up to 30 Council Members from across the land. More Council members can be added if there are more than 30 communities and each have around population of five thousand each.

Grand Council Power is as follows.

They have the right to diplomacy and to keep the peace among all world nations.

It is the duty of the Grand Council to call a new election if there is proof of corruption or incapacity in a Community Council if the Peoples are not getting their basic human needs met.

The Grand Council has the right to oversee and be in charge of war, if no other options are available and we must fight. War Definition will be in section 7. 1

Grand Council has the ability to become a Grand legal counsel or appoint one when needed.

No Council has the right to declare War unless they have the Vote of the People.

There are Territory, Regional, and Community Councils which are elected for a 5-year term in the new decade or mid-decade. For example, 2025 or 2030. An elected Councilor cannot sit for more than one term at a time. They must take a break for one term from the specific council they represent. This does not prevent them from moving up or taking on another council position.

The Grand Council has the right to temporarily form a Council and put leaders in place to run a Council until the next election. These Leaders will have the option to run for Council if they were so appointed, and if the Grand Council approves their candidacy.

Territorial Councils and Regional Councils sole job is to make sure resources are shared among the communities. They are also to train Knights to protect our nation along with our borders. Our security is essential for us to move forward as a people.

Community Councils General Council, Legal Counsel, Spiritual Council, Career counselors, and Recreational Council with administrations.

The General Council is elected from managers or managers in training in the different Industries they represent. No one can represent an industry they know nothing about. They cannot make laws for the Community. The Community only makes sure the basic needs of everyone are met. There must be eight council members. Each eight spots represent each industry. If people do not want to run in an industry, then names can be drawn from a hat for 2 or more people to run.

Legal Counsel is only elected when needed for the first time to handle and oversee an individual or individuals who have been charged with a crime. When formed, any citizen of the Community shall have the chance to make a suggestion to the Legal Counsel or General Council for new laws to be voted on. If the councils agree they will take it to the Peoples for a vote. The vote must be over 80% “yes” to pass.

Spiritual Council: The job is simply to provide the Peoples with a House of Worship and access to material for learning. No citizen has the right to impose their beliefs on others but can teach if asked. Each citizen has the right to choose without pressure if they want to or do not want to find the Creator.

Career Counselors: Again, their job is to make sure everyone has work in the Community and shares the workload.

Recreational Council is optional. Their job is to plan all events for the community they are in.

All Councils must consist of 8 people.

Being a Counselor is not a full-time position. Members must have other occupations but can take time off from their daily jobs to attend Council Meetings. This keeps them rooted to the community they serve. Exceptions to this rule are the Career and Recreational Councilors.

Definition of Act Of War

Another nation bribes your political leaders.

Challenges sovereignty of borders.

Invading force in our borders.

Falsely arresting our leaders.

An attack on our community, or members.

A straight-out Declaration of War.

People with Disabilities and Mental Health Problems, Elderly.

Individuals with disabilities or health problems should still be given part-time work.

They may be able to get financial assistance to help with basic needs if they can only work part time.

We must take care of those who need help, that are our people.

Corporation and Business Rights

No corporation or business or entity can hire someone from outside of the Canund Nation if there is a citizen willing to be trained to do the work.

Corporations, and all businesses must pay a fixed 10% Contribution Fee to the Community. No exemptions.

Corporations or businesses must be 65% or more owned by a citizen of the Canund Nation.

No citizen can hold more than one seat at a time in any cooperation. Corporations can have the same CEO or directors for more than 6 months. Meaning that even if all the same owners you must have different people you train to run each Corporation.

Immigrants' Rights

You can become a citizen if you were born in the Borders of Canadian as well if you're in the exceptions.

All immigrants can be taxed on income up to a 25% Contribution Fee.

The only property immigrants are allowed to own is condos.

People may pay for a work permit for up to 10 years at a time. They must not have a criminal record.

Governing Rights

You must be over 30 years of age for General councils, reginal, territory council and legal counsel.

To run for any other Council, you must be over 18 years of age.

No party system is allowed.

All new laws or rules from Municipal to Federal must be voted upon by the Peoples. The Vote must be over 80% to pass.

Only citizens of the Canund Nation may vote. They must be from 18 years old and up.

Any citizen has the right to propose a new law to the government providing it does not infringe on the Peoples’ Freedom of Rights.

No governing body can earn more than the lowest wage earner in the Canund Nation.

Freedom of the Press

All reporters, News Stations, Social Media companies have the right to publish the truth.

If a reporter, a News Station, or social media, is lying to the Peoples they can be fined and lose their license to publish the news in the Canund Nation.

Social Media companies are not allowed to censor the truth for the citizens of the Canund Nation.

Fishing and Hunting Rights

All citizens have the right to hunt a fish for free within the respect of nature.

Limits can be set by the Community or Region to preserve nature and Wildlife.

Natural Law

Don’t commit murder.

Don’t commit rape.

Don’t steal

Be in truth and be the best person you can be.

The castle doctrine in presumes that using force is reasonable and justified when another person:

unlawfully and with force enters or attempts to enter your habitation, vehicle, or work-place; or

attempts to remove you, by force, from your habitation, vehicle, or work-place;

was committing or attempting to commit aggravated kidnapping, murder, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, robbery, or aggravated robbery.

Patent Law

Everyone has the right to Patent their inventions for a 20-year span.

After 2 years if someone else improves on the invention, they may sell the Patent, but they must pay 20% to the original Patent Holder after filing. This will be allowed to happen over one hundred times until the Patent is no more, but everyone must pay for the rights to build and use the invention.

No medicine can be Patented. Exception: If it is being exported from the country.

Ideas cannot be Patented only by working inventions.


Every citizen has the right to free Health Care.

Health Care and Treatment can be through both modern medicine and or traditional medicine.

Marriage Law

Everyone has the right to get married.

Marriage can be from age 18 and up providing the spouses are not more that 5 years apart in age. Couples must have parents' consent if they are under 18 years of age.

Marriage can be between man and woman or same sex partners.

Polygamous marriages are allowed providing all parties agree and are over age of 18.

No family Marriage No brother or sister, no siblings and no to third cousins.


A Sheriff must be 30 years of age or older to be elected.

The Sheriff must first be appointed, then elections held every 5 years one year after the Main Council elections—that is, in 2026 or 2031 for example.

The Sheriff answers to Legal Counsel, if formed. If not formed, the Sheriff answers to the Grand Council and General Council.

A Sheriff must have a clean record.

The Sheriff gets to appoint and train his deputies

The Sheriff’s position and Deputies are titled positions. They are to work in the Community, whether it be in construction, farming, etc. And they are to use their titles only when policing is needed.

A Sheriff cannot sit on any Council.


Treason is simply if the government, or an individual, or a corporation go against the interest of the Peoples. They can be charged and if found guilty hung by the neck till dead.

A politician should never be paid twice to do the job for the Peoples.

It is Treason to take bribes for any Council position. The individual doing the bribing will be held accountable as well.

If a corporation, company, or business entity takes bribes or tries to harm our Peoples the CEO and Directors can and will be held accountable.

If an individual is caught bribing a political leader with money, real estate, or with items tangible or intangible, they can be held accountable. The only thing that is exempt is providing a meal to talk with the leaders about what is going on.


Every citizen has the right to vote in Community Elections, Reginal, and Territorial Elections.

Every Citizen Must vote in for any council that is not optional. Councils for community, Vote for regional councils, And for territorial councils.

The fine can be up to 25 tokens if someone chooses not to vote and does not have a reason for not voting.

Individuals may not vote if they are switching Communities, or if they are mentally or physically ill, or a Grand Council.

The Grand Council may pick people to run if someone does not decide to step up to run in the election.


An election for all Councils must be called once every 5 years in the new decade or mid-decade. For example, like 2025, 2030, 2035.

The Sheriff is to be elected one year after the Main Council elections—that is, in 2026 or 2031 for example.

The Grand Council can appoint the First Peoples of every Community. Then they can run in the upcoming election year.

Each Councilor must take a break of one term if they were already governing. This allows for a fresh government every election. For example, if you got in in 2025 then you could not run for 2030 but you could once again run in the year 2035 election. This does not exclude moving to a new community and running in that community election if you have already served your term. Or they can be called by the grand council to be appointed in a new community to help setup and run a community again.

The General Council is made up of 8 members of the community you can only represent the industry you have experience in. You must be a manager or manager in training to represent your industry to run for the upcoming election. If you’re in farming then you would represent that industry. This Councilor’s job is not to make laws just to pay bills, and make sure the resources get taken care of so no one goes hungry or homeless. The General Council and Legal Counsel can take suggestions for new laws for the people.

All suggestions for new laws get voted on my General and Legal Councils. If passed, then the Peoples get to vote on the new law if it is voted “yes” by 80% or higher it becomes the new bylaw for that Community only.

No Grand Council, Territorial Council, or Regional Council can make laws or suggest them.

Councilors may stay on for up to 6 months after elections to help the new Councilors if requested by the newly elected Councilors. They also have the right to refuse to help as well.

All Council positions are voluntary, but Councilors can be paid for time spent serving in their position. For anyone on any community council can’t get paid for holding titles and doing no work. All positions are part time unless legal is working on a case or career counsellor is helping people full time.

Exemptions to become a citizen

If someone has specialized Skills.

such as trades, coding, server and programming, they may be allowed citizenship after 4 years.

If they serve 10 years. Such as security, deputy, and other places the council sees fit.

If you migrated to Canada before you were the age of 15.

If there is a marriage between non-citizen and citizen. However, if there is a divorce and no abuse is involved the person can lose citizenship. This is up to the legal Counsel to decide.

Laws to protect the land and nature

No one can sell any sort of tree lubber or anything of that sort outside or our nation. The only thing that would be except is wood carving and art work that can be sold by the individual to tourists.

No water can be sold to anyone if provided for our people that can charge a matinee fee but that’s all. No one is allowed to pollute the water. All water must be filtered before being added back into the ecosystem.

Fish can only be used from nature for Canund Nation citizens only. Farmed fish or byproducts can be shipped out but are not allowed to use water ways to farm fish; they must all be done in tanks or ponds. Wild fish cannot be canned and shipped out only farmed fish.

Wildlife such as land walking animal's no one can kill to export outside of the nation for profit or any other reason. In Canund nation everyone is allowed to hunt to provide for their families. They are allowed to sell off excess meat to the store and the store can only sell at cost to citizens only. The meat can be donated for community events or traded for other foods that a citizen may need. This would be between citizens or the main store.

There must be limits set on catching wild fish, meat that everyone will have to respect if we are to have food for future generations.

There will be allowed commercial fishing and hunting licenses allowing times of food shortages to provide for the community.

No foreign Cooperation Can come in and develop our resources. With the exception of a foreign Cooperation creating a new one with a citizen of Canund Nation but only for the pups of mining. This would keep 65% of higher ownership to our people. All minerals can be processed in our nation except Uranium. And no chemical extraction only heat extraction is allowed to be used on common Minerals.

Health and safety with Farming

No GMO Chemical crops can be grown in our nation.

Only organic and hybrid is allowed, no one is allowed to use any Chemicals to grow food.

When importing food all must be checked and must be turned away if the food contains chemicals that are toxic to the body.

We will have a council put in place to deal with food and safety for everything we do.

Author of The Constitution Scott Bacheldor

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I am very interested in living in a just and free society. Everyone does their part and everyone benefits. I am interested in being a founding member. I have construction experience in main different aspects. Transportation experience. Basic bush craft skills.
Christy-Lynn Simmons 14.04.2022 at 13:13
This is amazing and what I want for my children
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Nice project, Saskatchewan serait un belle endroit a déménager.
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I am interested in getting out of political crap.
Margaret Turnbull 09.04.2022 at 08:03
I am interested in getting out of the political crap
Margaret Turnbull 09.04.2022 at 08:02 very interested in getting out of this political entity.
teresa march 13.03.2022 at 06:50
we must uphold these rights!!
teresa march 13.03.2022 at 06:50
we must uphold these rights before we lose them!!
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Land of the free
James Brown 20.02.2022 at 20:56
Land of the free
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liberté a tous
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I am a founding member
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Demand a public, televised debate! Our scientists vs their scientists.
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Please keep me informed of legal status, membership and development. Thank you.
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Sounds like it could be a great nation.
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Born and raised in Sk. Still a Patriot.
Freedom must always be number one!
Cindy Liberty 03.02.2022 at 10:35
Born and raised in Sask. I wish to be a founder of this nation, along with my family.

Freedom must be first at all costs
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Thank you for standing up for us. Stay strong. Peace and love to all.
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Together we stand strong ????????????????
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Freedom first! Positively responsible freedom for all, in a civil and common sense way!
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Hi there thank u
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Freedom for all, in a positively responsible manner!
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I my fellow truckers !!! Freedom for everyone
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Save our country!
Proud a Canadian very NOT PROUD of Trudumb!!!
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Thank you
God keep our Land
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